“A Mumbai-based production house with over 5 years of association with Photography & Motion Picture which involved Music Video Production, Short Films, Live Events, Weddings, Commercials, Digital Content. Our Team consists of passionate storytellers who believe in our Process of creating films. We have always believed in bridging the Gap between Commercial & Art”.

Great ideas are everywhere, but the best creative can never reach its potential without a team that knows how to make it real. That’s what we do. Film production is a language that expresses a thought, vision, and imagination. At Parth Sompura Films, visual communication is our lingua franca. We speak films. Hence, our films speak for us. We’ve helped numerous companies and individuals to capitalise on our metric-boosting power. By enhancing their brand and reach new audience. Our holistic approach helps execute projects seamlessly, From Bombay to the world !

Through our close family of producers, directors, cinematographers, and post-production wizards, we rally the best creative pros to your project and produce brand films, music videos, digital content, you name it. We work big, small across the street or on the other side of the globe for brands or films that have a story to tell. We make sure that the process is smooth and enjoyable along the way.
True story